Hitchens on Dawkins

Happy now, Mr. Dawkins?

Well, why not advertise abortions on prime-time TV?  That’s the kind of country we are.  So why be coy about it?

Richard Dawkins and his anti-God friends have finally won the moral battle.  Growing numbers of people are taking them seriously.  The world’s  a meaningless accident.  We have no purpose in life, right and wrong change with time and you can make them up as you go along.

So abort that baby, let the elderly starve to death in hospital, dodge your train and bus fares, buy stolen goods at car boot sales, take the bonus, maximise those expenses, drop that litter, drink until you’re sick.

The Centre for the Study of Integrity finds that we’re all more relaxed about lying, adultery, handling stolen goods and – naturally – drugs.  Well, of course we are.  Why wouldn’t we be?  It was the Victorian Sunday schools that made us civilised, and now they’re all gone, what did you think would happen?  I hope Richard Dawkins and his allies are pleased with their success.

~ Peter Hitchens

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