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British Christian charity ‘His Church’ praised for highly successful new clothes to homeless people scheme

‘His Church’ praised for clothes to homeless scheme The charity, called His Church, has been so successful that 90 per cent of British Trading Standards authorities now hand over all the clothes they seize to the charity.  And His Church … Continue reading

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Alister McGrath on Higgs boson: the particle of faith

‘Some tell us that science is about what can be proved.  The wise tell us it is really about offering the best explanations of what we see, realising that these explanations often cannot be proved, and may sometimes lie beyond proof.  Science … Continue reading

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Canada human rights watch: Anti-abortion peaceful protester Linda Gibbons finally gets her day in Canada’s top court

Anti-abortion activist Linda Gibbons gets her day in Canada’s top court After two decades of myriad arrests, hours upon hours of court time and nearly nine years on and off behind bars,  63-year-old Linda Gibbons, a peaceful anti-abortion protester, gets her … Continue reading

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What Christmas is really all about: However you dress it up, Christmas starts with Christ

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Canada human rights watch: biased anti-Christian reporting by CBC, taxpayer-funded national news service

I was a panellist at the consultation on the Office of Religious Freedom The CBC has propagated another biased attempt at inducing fear about Evangelicals (and other Christians) on a matter – the Office of Religious Freedom – that will bear little … Continue reading

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Peter Mullen on “the secular bigot Richard Dawkins”

Richard Dawkins says David Cameron is ‘not really a Christian’. But is Dawkins a proper atheist? Dawkins is not a proper atheist – that is an intelligent atheist – from his own puerile writing and pathetic attempts at philosophical theology. Quite so.

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North Korea vs. South Korea: the kind of world we’d all live in if the New Atheists had their way

South Korea to allow lighting of 2 more Christmas trees at border with North Korea South Korea will allow Christians to light two more Christmas tree-shaped towers near the tense border with North Korea despite strong opposition from Pyongyang, an … Continue reading

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The fascinating biography of World War Two Great Escape leader Roger Bushell

Love, betrayal and courage: Private letters reveal the story behind the mastermind of The Great Escape Roger Bushell In a later letter to Bushell’s father Wing Commander Herbert Massey wrote: ‘His name will ever last in my memory as one … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: John Milbank on the church and society

‘In a sense, the church invented the social world.  In pagan antiquity you had the familial, the tribal and the political communities.  But the idea of having a space of free association — people coming together for all kinds of … Continue reading

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Canada human rights watch: taxpayer-funded Canadian universities failing to protect free speech

Canadian universities failing to protect free speech: report Mr. Carpay called Carleton University “the worst” school for defending free speech because of the aggressive way it treated members of a pro-life club.  In 2010, Carleton Lifeline was suspended for having … Continue reading

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Sir John Polkinghorne on scientific discovery, the development of doctrine and reasons for Christian belief

‘I think that discoveries of new truth in science and beyond science are always in some continuing relationship to the truth that has been there before.  When Einstein came along and discovered general relativity he didn’t throw Newton away.  He … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict taps computer tablet, lights world’s largest electronic Christmas ‘tree’

Pope Benedict XVI got the season started brightly, illuminating a Christmas tree in Umbria by touching the screen of a Sony S Tablet.  What happened to his iPad?

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Once again the Vatican surprises everyone: holds a conference on history of tatooing

The Vatican held a conference on tatooing. “I was gobsmacked,” said Oxford historian Jane Caplan, who wrote a seminal anthology on tattoos in U.S. and European history.  “It seemed so unlikely,” particularly [Israeli ambassador Mordechay] Lewy’s guiding hand in helping … Continue reading

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Newspaper editor and Labour MP Chris Bryant criticise National Secular Society’s attempt to ban council prayers

Guardian editor and MP criticise NSS prayer case An assistant editor at The Guardian and the Labour MP Chris Bryant have both hit out at a secularist pressure group’s attempt to ban a local council from saying prayers. And: “Picture … Continue reading

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Alexander Lucie-Smith asks: Is the Catholic writer Hilaire Belloc best forgotten?

Is Belloc best forgotten?  The Catholic writer is nowadays neglected, but much of his writing is florid, dull and unreadable, says Alexander Lucie-Smith. Belloc . . . wrote far too many books, most of which were hurried productions, indeed not … Continue reading

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Christians are a minority at the ‘biased’ BBC where staff are more likely to be atheists or non-believers

BBC is ‘institutionally incapable of reflecting the society it serves’ The BBC employs more atheists and non-believers than Christians, an internal ‘diversity’ survey has found.  The new research has been seized on by critics who accuse the Corporation of bias … Continue reading

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Mega-plagiarist Quentin Rowan / Q. R. Markham makes self-serving excuses over withdrawn ‘Assassin of Secrets’

Confessions of a Plagiarist (though it should really be entitled ‘Excuses of a Plagiarist’) I guess I was pretty sick. There we have it in a nutshell: he didn’t steal all those passages, his pathology did.  Addiction made him do it.  Poor Quentin … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Sir Francis Bacon sums up Christian sanctification

‘If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.’ ~ Sir Francis Bacon The older I become, the more wisdom I see in beginning … Continue reading

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Ukraine has donated a “majestic” Christmas tree to decorate St. Peter’s Square

Ukraine gives Vatican a Christmas tree The Vatican says Ukraine has donated a “majestic” Christmas tree to decorate St. Peter’s Square. The 30-meter (100-foot) high tree will be lit during a ceremony on Dec. 16 attended by prelates from both … Continue reading

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Crime fiction connoisseur Mike Ripley calls for ‘eagle-eyed editors’ to spot the next Q. R. Markham

Mike Ripley writes: ‘I feel genuinely sorry for the fledgling (at least over here) imprint Mulholland Books and that talented young British spy-fiction writer Jeremy Duns, for both have suffered in the furore which has surrounded the withdrawal – before publication – of … Continue reading

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Is the American Christian Right rescuing Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich?

David Gibson asks: Will Newt Gingrich be the chosen saviour of the American Religious Right?  It seems the answer may be ‘Yes.’ “I see a lot of parallels between King David and Newt Gingrich, two extraordinary men gifted by God, whose … Continue reading

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Writers’ quote of the day: how thriller-writer Daniel Silva writes his books (and what he wears while writing)

‘I am something of a creature of habit.  I work seven days a week, from early in the morning until six thirty in the evening, when I stop to watch the evening news.  My work clothing never varies: gray sweatpants … Continue reading

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