Christians are a minority at the ‘biased’ BBC where staff are more likely to be atheists or non-believers

BBC is ‘institutionally incapable of reflecting the society it serves’

The BBC employs more atheists and non-believers than Christians, an internal ‘diversity’ survey has found.  The new research has been seized on by critics who accuse the Corporation of bias against Christianity and marginalising the faith in its output.  The survey found that just 22.5 per cent of all staff professed to be Christians.

. . . Peter Kearney, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, said the statistics confirmed the belief that the BBC is ‘institutionally incapable of reflecting the society it serves since BBC staff are not representative of the audience they broadcast to’.

The independent Christian Broadcasting Council also told the media watchdog Ofcom in a report earlier this month it was ‘concerned’ that Christians were not fairly represented.  The criticisms follow complaints the BBC has cut back its religious broadcasting.

Viewers have also claimed the BBC portrays Christians in soap operas or  dramas as ‘weak’ or ‘bigoted’.

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