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Paul Helm on John Calvin

Paul Helm: On Calvin Calvin’s influence is still being felt today.  But the reformer was a complex man, with a dark side. On Calvin, part 1: Global reach On Calvin, part 2: A practical theology On Calvin, part 3: Knowledge … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: G. K. Chesterton on science and the Fall of humanity

‘How could physical science prove that man is not depraved?  You do not cut a man  open to find his sins.  You do not boil him until he gives forth the unmistakable  green fumes of depravity.  How could physical science … Continue reading

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André Trocmé of Le Chambon, who saved the lives of thousands of Jewish refugees

‘Jesus proclaimed a unique revolution.  Unlike his contemporaries he refused to resist evil on its own terms.’ ~ André Trocmé Trocmé, Christ and revolution

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