The thoughts of Muslim 9/11 widow Baraheen Ashrafi on Osama Bin Laden’s death

The thoughts of a Muslim 9/11 widow on Bin Laden’s death:

Baraheen Ashrafi [is] a Muslim immigrant from Bangladesh whose husband Mohammad S. Chowdhury was waiter at the Windows on the World restaurant at the World Trade Center, and was killed on 9/11.  Besides his wife, Chowdhury left behind a daughter, Fahina, and a son, Farqad, who was born two days after the 9/11 attacks.

Bin Laden not only took her husband, but created in many Americans hostility against Muslims like herself.  Thus, even though she was a 9/11 widow, Ashrafi has still suffered nasty comments from people in Oklahoma, where she and her two kids moved after 9/11.

“I’m a very soft-hearted person.  If I see any death scene, I can’t hold back myself from crying.  As a human being, I don’t wish anybody’s death.  I never gave thought about what kind of punishment this man deserves.  But when I heard he was killed, it came to my mind that justice had been served.”

Ashrafi said her daughter, now a high school freshman, felt the same way.  “She said ‘I don’t wish anyone to die, but I feel this is something he deserves, he did so many things,’” Ashrafi said.


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