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Wonders never cease: secularist Vancouver declares May 1st. “Blessed Pope John Paul II Day”

Vancouver declares May 1st “Pope John Paul II Day”

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Was Easter borrowed from a pagan holiday?

Was Easter Borrowed from a Pagan Holiday? No, says Anthony McRoy, a Fellow of the British Society for Middle East Studies and lecturer in Islamic studies. Christians in ancient Anglo-Saxon and Germanic areas called their Passover holiday what they did — … Continue reading

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Atheists vow to “punish” and “damage” Catholics, and praise the burning of churches

Spanish atheists plan attacks on Catholics during Holy Week During an interview on Madrid’s ELA Radio Atheists in Combat, a group representing a coalition of Spanish atheist groups made a public declaration of their intention to “punish” the Catholic belief, … Continue reading

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Photograph of the day: Watching over us

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Prof. Em. Jan Gunneweg adds another nail in the coffin for Simcha Jacobovici’s fake ‘Jesus nails’

‘To whom it may concern, The undersigned, Dr. Jan Gunneweg of archaeology/archaeometry at the Hebrew University for 38 years, declare herewith that he underscribes every item discussed by Joe Zias, whom he knows for 25 odd years. I am convinced … Continue reading

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‘Minimalist’ biblical scholar Philip Davies still ‘talking up’ David Elkington’s fake metal codices

In an article entitled Prof’s mystery texts (Davies has apparently clasped these metal fakes to his bosom!), well-known biblical ‘minimalist’ Philip Davies, emeritus professor at the University of Sheffield, continues to ‘talk up’ David Elkington’s not-very-clever fakes.  “It is extremely exciting,” Davies gushes, before … Continue reading

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