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Amazon reviewer doesn’t think much of atheist A. C. Grayling’s ‘The Good Book: A Secular Bible’

A reviewer on Amazon, who by the sounds of it is an atheist just like Grayling, concludes his one-star review thus: ‘This book is astonishingly terrible.  It’s awful.  It’s almost hilariously bad.  He’s written it in an ersatz, highfalutin King … Continue reading

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Internet media catch up with bibliobloggers that David Elkington’s metal codices are fakes

Exclusive: Early Christian Lead Codices Now Called Fakes Now that the internet media have caught up, when will newspapers and tv channels follow suit?  Perhaps they are allowing time for us to forget that they fell for David Elkington’s hoax in the … Continue reading

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Photograph of the day: Sunrise at Megiddo

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An excellent summary and review of the debate between William Lane Craig and Sam Harris

Debate Review: William Lane Craig and Sam Harris More: Why are the new breed of atheists so hopeless at rational argument and debate? 

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A nifty menu of answers to the ‘Jesus Mythicism’ so beloved by the New Atheist crowd

James F. McGrath provides A Menu of Answers to Mythicists

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Respected Israeli archaeologist Joe Zias on David Elkington’s fake metal codices

‘As for the Elkington’s ‘Lead Codices’, the British couple hustling this nonsense and their claim of being shot at while searching for the cave in Jordan, well, without any proof the public is forced to skepticism.  And that skepticism is … Continue reading

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