Doug Chaplin on Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou and the Garden of Eden

Doug Chaplin comments on the last of the ‘Bible’s Buried Secrets’ presented by Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou:

As before she declines the opportunity to give much airtime to scholars who disagree with her.  Her preferred narrative is her scholarship versus the faith of unscholarly believers, Christian especially, but also Jewish and Muslim.

Tonight’s programme was a house of cards, with most of her cards having some reasonable argument to them, but with one likely possibility built on another possible hypothesis sitting on top of something that might be one understanding of a text.  There are other reconstructions available, and other competing theories at work.

It seemed that in each programme at the end she had a point she wanted to get to.  In the first programme it was the dubious nature of Jewish claims to the land based on a fictional Jewish kingdom.  In the second it was the patriarchal ideology that had used a masculine God to oppress women.  And in this third it was the idea she took to be axiomatically wrong, that all humans are corrupted by sin, although one might think that even if there were no biblical narrative at all, there remains sufficient empirical evidence to make this a plausible explanation.


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