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German Christian mother jailed for not enrolling her children in sex education at primary school

German mother jailed for not enrolling children in sex ed at primary school A heroic Baptist mother of twelve children has been jailed for refusing to allow her primary school aged children to be exposed to the government mandated sexualisation … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Robert Barron on the atonement of Christ

‘God, in Christ, entered, out of love, into the depth of human misery, sin and failure in order to bring the divine light even to those darkest places.’ ~ Robert Barron This is an extremely brief, simple explanation but I like … Continue reading

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Brave young Christian wrestler Joel Northrup stands up for Christian principles

Wrestler who refused to grapple with girl explains decision “Wrestling is a combat sport, and at times it gets violent, and you get put in moves and holds that are comprising,” said Joel Northrup, a sophomore.  “I just don’t believe … Continue reading

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Young footballer Jose-Paul Mpoku wisely rejects club owner Barry Hearn’s invitation to immorality

Leyton Orient star Mpoku snubs all-expenses Las Vegas trip on religious grounds Leyton Orient hero Jose-Paul Mpoku has snubbed a dream trip to Las Vegas – for religious reasons.  The on-loan Spurs midfielder helped the O’s clinch a money-spinning FA Cup … Continue reading

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Fundamentalist picture of the day: “The Bible God uses”

From: Stuff Fundies Like

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Ian H. Hutchinson, professor of nuclear science and engineering at MIT, on the New Atheists

Ian Hutchinson on the New Atheists

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Richard Dawkins an empirical failure: 80,000 new Christians every day but 300 fewer atheists

More news to keep Richard Dawkins thoroughly annoyed: Christian Number-Crunching reveals impressive growth by George Weigel Compared to the world’s 2.3 billion Christians, there are 1.6 billion Muslims, 951 million Hindus, 468 million Buddhists, 458 million Chinese folk-religionists, and 137 … Continue reading

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Even his fellow atheists are becoming wise to the fact: Richard Dawkins is a bigot

Even his fellow atheists are noticing and exposing this joker, and not before time: Richard Dawkins is a bigot Gosh, Dick.  I guess I understand why you’re so antagonistic toward the Christian conception of God now.  Because YOU are the … Continue reading

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Writers’ quote of the day: Peter Abelard on the ‘dangerous and contagious disease’ of writing

‘Against the disease of writing one must take special precautions, since it is a dangerous and contagious disease.’ ~ Peter Abelard, Letter 8 to Heloise

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Cult members Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel launch crank legal case against Pope

Irish Times misleads readers about crank lawyers’ submission to ICC charging pope with crimes against humanity The grossly sensationalist report by Patsy McGarry, the Religious Affairs Correspondent of The Irish Times begins: ‘Two German lawyers have initiated charges against Pope … Continue reading

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Fundamentalist televangelist heretic Benny Hinn sued for immoral relationship with Paula White

Benny Hinn Sued by Strang Co. – lawsuit cites Hinn’s ‘inappropriate relationship’ with Paula White Televangelist Benny Hinn is being sued by Strang Communications, a publishing company that alleges that Hinn violated a morality clause in their contract when he began … Continue reading

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How American Presbyterian minister Timothy Keller writes his bestselling books

What’s your writing process like? ‘It works best if I have spoken on it because I can hear myself saying it, and then I write it.  The other thing that you might find interesting — though I don’t know if I … Continue reading

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Vancouver voted the world’s best city to live in — with London trailing in 53rd. place

Vancouver voted the world’s best city to live in – with London trailing in 53rd place The Canadian west coast city scored 98 percent on a combination of stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. Vancouver has been … Continue reading

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Rick Warren, promoter of George W. Bush, sees an opportunity in other people’s suffering

Here’s Rick Warren’s widely blogged-upon recent announcement: It was bad enough when Warren chose to celebrate and promote torture proponent George W. Bush, who promptly “thanked” Warren by openly admitting that the sole reason he was at Saddleback church was to flog his political … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Timothy Beal on appreciating the complexity of the Bible

‘The Bible is not a book of answers but a library of questions.  As such it opens up space for us to explore different voices and perspectives, to discuss, to disagree and, above all, to think.  Too often, however, that’s … Continue reading

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Turkish pro-Islamic politicians try to seize ancient Christian monastery’s land and livelihood

Mor Gabriel, a Syrian-Orthodox monastery that dates to the year 397, and is the oldest functioning Christian monastery in the world, may be forced to close after the Turkish government claimed ownership of its land. Not even the Mongols of the … Continue reading

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15,000 Tunisians protest vicious murder of young Polish priest Fr. Marek Rybinski

Tunisians protest Polish priest murder Up to 15,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Tunis on Saturday following the murder of Polish missionary Father Marek Rybinski, who was found with his throat cut at the Roman Catholic Selesian mission in … Continue reading

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New Atheists not doing very well: number of Catholics worldwide grows by 15 million in one year

Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and the other New Atheist leaders like to talk a lot about the decline of religious belief but the empirical evidence continues to go against them: Number of Catholics in the world grows by 15m in … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: philosopher Paul Pardi on the New Atheism

‘The general consensus on the part of professional philosophers on all sides of the question is that the popular arguments being made by new atheists like Dawkins and Dennett are not all that new.  Some argue that neither are they … Continue reading

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Stunning photograph of the Earth from recently launched fundamentalist space satellite

Here it is:

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Young Roman Catholic priest Fr. Marek Rybinski murdered by Muslim extremists in Tunisia

Catholic priest murdered by Muslim extremists in Tunisia Fr. Marek Rybinski, a young Polish Catholic priest working in a Salesian school in Manouba, Tunisia, has been murdered.  The Tunisian police suspect Muslim extremists due to the nature of the murder.  Fr. … Continue reading

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Hitchens on British Prime Minister David Cameron’s phony concern for law and order

‘I have seen nothing in Mr Cameron’s bearing, conversation, background or nature to suggest that he cares even slightly about crime and punishment.  Bullingdon Club graduates, and people who won’t come clean about whether they have used illegal drugs in … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Justin Bieber on abortion

‘I really don’t believe in abortion.  I think it [an embryo] is a human.  It’s like killing a baby.’ ~ Justin Bieber

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Shock! Senior editor of Britain’s trendy leftie Guardian newspaper opposes gay marriage

Senior Guardian writer opposes gay marriage Michael White, writing on the Guardian’s politics blog earlier this week, said: “Aside from all the theological, moral and cultural freight, there’s an important practical distinction here which goes to the root of any … Continue reading

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Support for Justin Bieber’s Christian pro-life, anti-abortion stance

Cristina Odone asks: Justin Bieber attacks abortion – huge coup for pro-life lobby but how long before Hollywood shuts him up? Justin Bieber, pop icon and every teeny bopper’s dreamboat, has given the pro-life lobby a totally unexpected and extraordinary … Continue reading

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