Was death already present in the Garden of Eden?

Was death present in the Garden of Eden?

It seems it was:

My contention is that ‘everyday’ death was present in the Garden.

First, how would Adam and Eve know to fear death if death in some form was not present?

Second, considering that they had to eat, and eating requires killing, and killing by necessity of the act, results in dying, then they knew of death.  For example, eating fruit would kill that piece of fruit.  Or take the banana.  Eat half the banana and the other portion begins to decay.

Thomas Aquinas agrees:

In the opinion of some, those animals which now are fierce and kill others, would, in that [pre-Fall] state, have been tame, not only in regard to man, but also in regard to other animals.  But this is quite unreasonable.  For the nature of animals was not changed by man’s sin, as if those whose nature now it is to devour the flesh of others, would then have lived on herbs, as the lion and falcon.

Nor does Bede’s gloss on Genesis 1:30, say that trees and herbs were given as food to all animals and birds, but to some [the implication being that the others, still requiring food, would have fed on other animals].  Thus there would have been a natural antipathy between some animals.

They would not, however, on this account have been excepted from the mastership of man: as neither at present are they for that reason excepted from the mastership of God, whose Providence has ordained all this.  Of this Providence man would have been the executor, as appears even now in regard to domestic animals, since fowls are given by men as food to the trained falcon.


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