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The Victor Meldrew of science, Richard Dawkins, gets science and religion wrong yet again

Dawkins gets science and religion wrong.  In other news, man bites dog I know, I know.  Pointing out that Richard Dawkins bungles the relationship between science and religion is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel.  Next to getting … Continue reading

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The theology of zombies: the end of the world, resurrection and the nature of the human soul

From Toward a Zombie Theology by John Morehead: The dominant theological understanding for anthropology in Christianity is still dualistic, a synthesis of the physical body and an immaterial spirit or soul, but in recent years those advocating a monistic view of … Continue reading

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Dawkins reduced to ‘a rambling and wild-eyed madman hurling foam-flecked adolescent insults’

Kevin McKenna comments on Pope Benedict’s visit to Britain in The Observer newspaper: ‘The Pope’s visit was great but tinged with sadness because it reduced that once-great biologist Richard Dawkins to a rambling and wild-eyed madman hurling foam-flecked adolescent insults at … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal says Pope Benedict is ‘defender of human freedom’

Popes, Atheists and Freedom: Secularists should recognize that the pope’s fight is their fight. It has been odd in recent years to see prominent atheists make so much effort to diminish Judeo-Christian belief.  In the modern world, and certainly in … Continue reading

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