Lawyer prevented from visiting jailed Christian in U.S.-occupied Afghanistan

Afghan Authorities Block Lawyer from Visiting Jailed Christian

ISTANBUL (Compass Direct News) – A Christian in Afghanistan facing “apostasy” charges punishable by death is still without legal representation after authorities blocked a foreign lawyer’s attempt to visit him in prison, sources said.

A Christian lawyer from the region who requested anonymity travelled to Kabul on behalf of Christian legal rights organization Advocates International two weeks ago to represent 45-year-old Said Musa (alternatively spelled Sayed Mossa).  Authorities denied him access to Musa and to his indictment file.

. . . The legal expert said that according to Afghan law, Musa is entitled to see a copy of the indictment and review the evidence against him, but authorities have denied him both rights.  If the prosecutor does not present the court with an indictment within 15 days of arrest, the attorney said, an accused person has the right to be released.  Musa has been in jail since May 31.

The United States is sure doing a wonderful job bringing democracy to that country, isn’t it?  Not . . .

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