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A helpful glossary of fundamentalism

A very funny, tongue-in-cheek glossary of fundamentalist catch-phrases from one of my favourite blogs, Stuff Fundies Like: Glossary Terms to know when reading about fundamentalists: Amen! – The proper response to the query “And all God’s people said?” Bud-dumber – A clever play … Continue reading

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Why agnosticism has greater prior probability than atheism

Mark Vernon reviews the recently published book ‘Agnosticism, A Very Short Introduction’ by Robin Le Poidevin here: In robust defence of agnosticism. [Le Poidevin] offers some handy summaries of the agnostic critique of concerns that have gained prominence in the new atheist … Continue reading

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U.S. Christian Right driving young evangelicals out of the churches

Many leaving churches because of link to politics Just as this generation moved to the left on most social issues – above all, homosexuality – many prominent religious leaders moved to the right, using the issue of same-sex marriage to mobilize electoral … Continue reading

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World’s tallest Jesus statue unveiled in Poland: a monstrous masterpiece of kitsch

World’s tallest Jesus statue unveiled in Poland It really is an ugly piece of work: Here is the artistically pleasing statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro: Compared to the Rio statue, the new Polish edifice is a … Continue reading

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Scottish martyr St. John Ogilvie by Peter Howson

A new painting of Scottish martyr St John Ogilvie was unveiled today.  The painting will be placed in St Andrew’s Cathedral in Glasgow once renovations are complete next April. It shows St John Ogilvie, a Scot who became a Jesuit priest … Continue reading

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George Weigel and Edward Feser on Pope Benedict’s mis-reported remarks about condoms

George Weigel explains what the Pope actually said and what it means.  Read it here. Trojan removal by Edward Feser explains how “Media reports about the Catholic Church are like the Trojans that infect your computer: At first they seem entirely innocent and … Continue reading

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Two more Iraqi Christians murdered in U.S. occupied Iraq

Gunmen shot and killed two Christian brothers today in Iraq in the latest in a spate of attacks targeting the religious minority.

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