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Today is World Philosophy Day

18 November: Celebration of World Philosophy Day, 2010 A philosophical quote for this special occasion: We who are Christians and propose to be philosophers must not rest content with being philosophers who happen, incidentally, to be Christians; we must strive … Continue reading

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James Ellroy, author of ‘The Black Dahlia’ and ‘L.A. Confidential’, on how “atheists miss the point”

The New Statesman Interview: James Ellroy, author  Excerpt: But one doesn’t have to be a Tory, or religious, to be a moralist. I think atheists miss the point.  I don’t grant atheism and agnosticism the same moral quality that I give … Continue reading

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Victim responds to cyber-bully Raphael Golb’s criminal sentence

Golb gets 6 months in jail, 5 years probation Dr. Cargill concludes: What Dr. Golb did – using anonymity as a weapon to attack good scholars via criminal impersonation, forgery, identity theft, and for aggravated harassment against others – is shameful.  It is … Continue reading

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Oxford University mathematics professor challenges Stephen Hawking on God denial

John Lennox takes on Stephen Hawking after God denial  [Lennox] told of how, while studying at Cambridge University, he had sought out students with perspectives that differed from the Christian beliefs handed to him by his parents and that despite looking … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict calls for release of Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death

Pope calls for release of Christian woman sentenced to death Pope Benedict XVI has called for the release of a 37-year-old Christian woman who faces the death penalty in Pakistan after being convicted on charges of blasphemy. At the weekly … Continue reading

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Iraq’s Christians are still in peril of their lives

Iraq’s Christians are still in peril of their lives: IN BAGHDAD Our Lady of Salvation church, once a vibrant center of prayer in this predominantly Muslim city, is nearly empty now.  Last month, in a more than four-hour siege, gunmen shot … Continue reading

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Repugnant cyber-bully Raphael Golb sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation

Lawyer gets six months in Dead Sea Scrolls case NEW YORK — A lawyer has been sentenced to six months in jail for an ultramodern crime that was all about antiquity. Prosecutors said Raphael Golb used online aliases to harass … Continue reading

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