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[Appalling] Quote of the day: Christopher Hitchens on how his writing comes before his children

‘My life is my writing . . .  my children come later.’ ~ Christopher Hitchens Which prompts the question: is Richard Dawkins wrong and it’s actually atheism that leads to child abuse?

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Clint McCance: the ugly face of American fundamentalism

By now almost everyone has heard about Clint McCance, the elected school board official and professing Christian who posted on Facebook that he wanted gay teenagers to commit suicide or die of AIDS, and who would drive his own children … Continue reading

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Evolution a litmus test in U.S. election — is Canada next?

Evolution a litmus test in U.S. election.  Is Canada next? by Douglas Todd — Personally, I don’t think so.  Canadians are very concerned not to follow U.S. political fashions.  Also, ongoing ideological conflict such as the evolution vs. creationism war in America … Continue reading

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‘The Country Clergy’ by R. S. Thomas

The Country Clergy by R. S. Thomas   I see them working in old rectories By the sun’s light, by candlelight, Venerable men, their black cloth A little dusty, a little green With holy mildew.  And yet their skulls, Ripening … Continue reading

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‘The Woman’ by R. S. Thomas

The Woman by R. S. Thomas So beautiful — God himself quailed at her approach: the long body curved like the horizon.  Why had he made her so?  How would it be, she said, leaning towards him, if instead of … Continue reading

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‘Chapel Deacon’ by R. S. Thomas

Chapel Deacon by R. S. Thomas  Who put that crease in your soul, Davies, ready this fine morning For the staid chapel, where the Book’s frown Sobers the sunlight?  Who taught you to pray And scheme at once, your eyes … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Victor Frankl on nihilistic scientists and gas chambers

‘I am absolutely convinced that the gas chambers . . . were ultimately prepared . . . not in some Ministry in Berlin, but rather at the desks and in the lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophers.’ ~ Victor Frankl

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Where are the atheist charities?

In anticipation of the visit by Pope Benedict XVI to Spain next week, the Vatican has released a set of statistics about the Church in that country. About 92.5% of Spain’s 46 million people are Catholics.  The country has 70 … Continue reading

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Confirmed empirically yet again: religious belief is good for you

Richard Dawkins is wrong yet again: a new Gallup survey says very religious Americans are emotionally and physically healthier than other Americans.

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