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“Fundamentalism . . . has no standard by which to judge its own religious pretense”

For and Against Fundamentalism [but mainly against] by Michael Jensen, lecturer in theology at Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia “Fundamentalism” is descriptive of a kind of religious mentality which is in evidence most egregiously in a kind of epistemological double … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: the ignorance of the New Atheists

‘The new atheists, possibly out of consternation that the god idea can be so subtle and multifarious, refuse to engage with traditions that have not arisen in the Middle East.  A glance at the index of The God Delusion garners … Continue reading

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‘Absolutism, a position which the atheist pamphleteers flaunt as happily as any fundamentalist’

The failure of the atheist project by Angus McDonald

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Michael Ruse reviews Sam Harris’ latest anti-religion book

  Little ‘Value’ in New Harris Book – poor scholarship, ad hominem attacks and an obsession with religion are not the hallmarks of a solid argument   by Michael Ruse   Three quotes from the review:   ‘To say that religion is … Continue reading

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New Atheist thief stealing from patriarch Dawkins’ purse?

An ungodly row: Richard Dawkins sues his disciple Dawkins Foundation sues employee for embezzlement The Richard Dawkins Foundation is suing Josh Timonen, to whom Dawkins dedicated his latest book The Greatest Show on Earth, for stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from the website, and some money … Continue reading

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Tony Blair’s sister-in-law has converted to Islam

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law has converted to Islam. I bet she makes a much, much better Muslim than Tony Blair has made of being a Catholic.

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William Dembski, dean of ‘intelligent design’, caves in to Baptist fundies

Discovery Institute’s Bill Dembski Recants

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Richard Dawkins’ child abuse accusations and hate speech

Victor Reppert remarks: Dawkins’ charge that raising children to be a particular religion is child abuse worse than that of pedophilia.  He didn’t restrict it to religious parents who scare kids with Jonathan Edwards-type hellfire threats, he made the claim … Continue reading

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