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Christians still at the forefront of AIDS response: Vatican calls for free AIDS treatment across Africa

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone called on Friday for “free and efficient treatment” for AIDS sufferers in Africa.

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Murder rate in El Salvador plummets due to truce between rival gangs brokered by the Catholic Church

The murder rate in El Salvador has fallen dramatically due to a truce between rival gangs brokered by the Catholic Church that has so far lasted 100 days. “This effort has saved the lives of more than 850 innocent Salvadorans,” the Globe … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Peter Kreeft on a proper understanding of Mary

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SSPX (Society of Saint Pius X) says ‘Yes’ to Vatican, signs ‘doctrinal preamble’ for reunion with Catholic Church

Has SSPX Bp. Fellay SIGNED the CDF’s “Doctrinal Preamble”?  Tornielli says yes! If true, it is pleasing to see this ecclesial unity restored.  Now for all the rest of fractured Chrisendom, including umpteen Reformed and Presbyterian schisms . . .

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Suggested introductory reading in Catholic theology for evangelical Protestants

Introductions to Catholic theology for curious Evangelical college students

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And now the real facts about the Roman Catholic Church and Dutch castrations

Instead of BBC distortions and slack reporting, anyone who wants the facts should read this: We shouldn’t blame the Catholic Church for the shocking Dutch castrations before we know all the facts And this: “Hare, hunter, field” – Castration for deviancy … Continue reading

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British nun Mother Riccarda Beauchamp Hambrough hid scores of Jews from the Nazis, on track for sainthood

British nun who hid Jews from Nazis on track for sainthood Mother Riccarda helped to save the lives of about 60 Jews by hiding them from the Nazis in her Rome convent, the Casa di Santa Brigida. She born in 1887 … Continue reading

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Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi of the Vatican says, ‘Preachers, stop being so boring!’

Catholic priests urged to liven up sermons Sermons delivered by Catholic priests are often painfully “grey and dull” and need to be livened up with the “scandal” contained within the Bible, the Vatican’s most senior cultural official said. Cardinal Gianfranco … Continue reading

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Did Pope Pius XII go undercover to save Jews during World War II?

Researcher thinks Pius XII went undercover to save Jews The Jewish New Yorker who has made it his life’s work to clear the name of Pope Pius XII of being anti-Semitic believes the wartime pontiff actually went undercover to save … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro Orani João Tempesta says, ‘All Christians are missionaries’

‘To be a missionary is, in the first place, a great commitment that the Christian assumes in favour of the realization of the Kingdom of God, in which creatures created by him must proclaim and give witness of their faith, … Continue reading

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Want to be happy? Become a Roman Catholic priest! (or a Protestant minister/pastor)

Researchers in America have discovered that Catholic priests are among the happiest people in society. There have been a number of studies in the United States over the last few years with exactly the same findings: About 90% of priests … Continue reading

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Freethinking atheist Brendan O’Neill says: State should keep its nose out of Catholic Church’s confession boxes

The state should keep its nose out of the Catholic Church’s confession boxes We already live in a world where CCTV cameras film our every move and where politicians constantly call for greater and earlier intervention into family life.  Every … Continue reading

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Jesuits sell ancient Gospel of John to the British Library for £9 million

Jesuits sell ancient Gospel to British Library for £9 million The Jesuits have sold the historic St Cuthbert Gospel – believed the oldest intact book produced in Europe – to the British Library for £9 million. The British Province of the Society … Continue reading

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A Pope who says “Read the Bible” is a Pope that Protestants can praise and do serious business with!

Take scripture on holiday, says Pope His suggestion to “include a copy of the Sacred Scriptures in our suitcase” follows on from his call last year for Catholics to become more familiar with the Bible. Speaking to Vatican Television, Fr … Continue reading

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More empirical evidence that the New Atheist slurs against Pope Pius XII are unfounded and wrong

Newly discovered documents show that Pope Pius XII’s direct action saved the lives of more than 11,400 Jews in Rome, reports Zenit.

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The Roman Catholic Church: some facts and figures worth bearing in mind

Cited here: The Catholic Church , world-wide, runs: 5, 428 Hospitals 18, 025 Dispensaries 529 Care Homes for Lepers 15,985 Homes for the Elderly, Chronically Ill or Disabled 9, 962 Orphanages 11,902 Child Care Centers 13,945 Marriage Counselling Centers 34,945 … Continue reading

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Catholics and evangelicals agree: chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes are social evils

Evangelicals want major league baseball players to spit out their tobacco. And two bishops have called for a nationwide smoking ban in the Philippines.

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Photograph of the day: Pope Benedict XVI is taken on a gondola ride in Venice

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Happy birthday, Pope Benedict XVI!

Pope Benedict turns eight-four years old today.  Happy birthday, sir! As a Presbyterian I have not the slightest hesitation in thanking him for his faithful and inspiring Christian leadership, and I pray that God will grant him many more healthy and blessed years.

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Exorcism and Satanism in the news

How to become an exorcist Top 10 exorcist films Satanism through the ages Surge in Satanism ‘sparks demand for exorcists’ Rise in demand for exorcism recalls horror trend

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Young Roman Catholic priest Fr. Marek Rybinski murdered by Muslim extremists in Tunisia

Catholic priest murdered by Muslim extremists in Tunisia Fr. Marek Rybinski, a young Polish Catholic priest working in a Salesian school in Manouba, Tunisia, has been murdered.  The Tunisian police suspect Muslim extremists due to the nature of the murder.  Fr. … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict’s number one priority: “Leading men and women to God”

“Leading men and women to God, to the God who speaks in the Bible: this is the supreme and fundamental priority of the Church and of the Successor of Peter at the present time.” ~ Pope Benedict XVI More quotes … Continue reading

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