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UK human rights watch: Christian in Britain demoted in job for having an unacceptable opinion

Christian demoted for posting opposition to gay marriage on Facebook as ‘an equality too far’ takes employer to court A man who was demoted for attacking gay marriages as ‘an equality too far’ in Church has taken his former employers … Continue reading

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Adrian Smith, impoverished by Trafford Housing Trust, is a role model for modern Britain’s persecuted Christians

Adrian Smith is a role model for modern Britain’s persecuted Christians What heartening news it is that Adrian Smith has plucked up the courage to sue Trafford Housing Trust, writes Milo Yiannopoulos: “Diverse” in modern Britain is of course a … Continue reading

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Leading research institute lists UK with China, Nigeria, Vietnam for significant and increasing hostility to religion

The UK is now listed with China, Nigeria, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam as a country of significant and increasing social hostility towards religion: Rising Restrictions on Religion Regarding the UK in particular, the Pew report found the following about the government … Continue reading

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North Korean atheists torturing and abusing 50,000 Christians in prison camps

Religious freedom denied, over 50 thousand Christians in prison camps Freedom of religion in North Korea is totally denied, as well as of conscience, opinion, religion, peaceful association.  According to the testimonies of people who escaped from the country, the … Continue reading

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Anthony Browne, atheist, on ‘Christians — the most persecuted people group on earth’

‘There are now more than 300 million Christians who are either threatened with violence or legally discriminated against simply because of their faith – more than any other religion.  Christians are no longer, as far as I am aware, thrown to … Continue reading

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