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Young Christian newlyweds who peacefully oppose gay marriage are bombarded with vile, threatening hate mail

A newlywed couple have being bombarded with internet hate mail after posing on the steps of 10 Downing Street to hand in a 550,000-signature petition against gay marriage Rhys and Esther Curnow, from Newcastle, received scores of messages after opponents of … Continue reading

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Brendan O’Neill on the false victimhood of the New Atheists

Full article here: The Passion of the New Atheists? Excerpt: ‘Some atheists would have us believe that, like the early Christians, they are hated and persecuted by the mob.  Don’t buy it . . . Keen to shake off the … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins and U.S. atheists prove it’s not about reason, it’s about hate

Richard Dawkins and U.S. atheists prove it’s not about reason, it’s about hate Last Saturday’s gathering of 8,000 — 10,000 US atheists and agnostics in Washington for the Reason Rally was billed as seeking to ‘unify, energize,and embolden secular people … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Nick Donnelly on senior Tesco executive Nick Lansley’s appalling “evil Christians” remark

‘If a senior employee of Tesco had made a public statement branding homosexuals ‘evil’ what do you think the response of Tesco would have been?  Would they have just issued a mild, half-hearted apology?  What Tesco is saying to the Christian community … Continue reading

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A refreshingly truthful obituary for Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011

Father Raymond J. de Souza: Christopher Hitchens lived in service of plain hatred Christopher Hitchens is dead.  By his own lights, he is utterly defunct, decomposing more rapidly than yesterday’s newspaper.  I take a different view, and do sincerely pray … Continue reading

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