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Quote of the day: Philosopher and former atheist Edward Feser on Richard Dawkins, et al.

‘The rhetoric of the New Atheist  writers — Richard Dawkins, Daniel  Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher  Hitchens among the most  prominent — sounds much more like that of a  fundamentalist preacher than  like anything I read during my atheist days.  … Continue reading

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God save us from whinging, moaning New Atheists

God save us from atheist whining, writes Nathalie Rothschild. This idea that closet atheists need to be coaxed out into the open, and that they need to claim the right to rally together as proud non-believers, has become a central … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins suffers logic failure; falls flat on his face while debating a Christian, embarrasses other Atheists

Dawkins failure to remember title of Darwin’s book proves he’s no atheist, according to his own logic Richard Dawkins is accused of being an embarrassment to atheism tonight for failing to remember the full title of Darwin’s ‘The Origin of … Continue reading

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How atheism became a religion in all but name

It was only a matter of time before someone proposed an ‘atheist temple’, given the religious-like zealotry and dogma of the New Atheists, writes Frank Furedi. With their zealous denunciation of religion, the so-called New Atheists often resemble medieval moral crusaders.  … Continue reading

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People who constantly force their religious beliefs down my throat

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The “New Atheists” by Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.

The “New Atheists” by Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J. The secularists and naturalists have created the myth that there is a war going on between science and religion.  There never has been a war between religion and true science.  In fact, … Continue reading

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The New Atheism is the new fundamentalism

Reza Aslan lays out the striking parallels: There is, as has often been noted, something peculiarly evangelistic about what has been termed the new atheist movement . . . It is no exaggeration to describe the movement popularized by the likes … Continue reading

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