Book Reviews

A note to readers:

All books reviewed by me on this blog are books that I have actually read — from cover to cover (and including both covers!). 

A note to publishers:

  • When I request a book from you for review purposes, I am entering into an obligation to read and review it.  I always try to fulfil this obligation, though sometimes a book fails to hold my interest enough to finish it.
  • My review may be long or short, positive or negative.  For nonfiction my review will most likely be positive overall, as I only request books that I’m fairly sure: (a) I will be interested in reading, and (b) meet basic research standards.
  • Fiction will be a great deal more variable, and some negative reviews can be expected.
  • My reading interests range broadly across non-fiction (mostly philosophy of religion, biblical studies, theology and church history), fiction (both literary and genre) and poetry.

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Book Reviews