Quote of the day: Peter Hitchens on [emigrating to West Coast] Canada

‘I’ve a fondness for the Pacific North west of the USA, and imagine I’d feel much the same way about British Columbia round about Vancouver.  I became something of a Canadian nationalist while I lived in the USA (I particularly liked seeing the Crown of St Edward on the cap badges of Canadian police officers, and John Buchan’s signs on the Ontario freeways proclaiming that it was ‘The King’s Highway’).  In fact I’ve always tended to shrug off Canada’s political correctness, in reality not much worse than PC in the allegedly conservative USA.  It strikes me  as a superficial thing, concealing an enjoyably free and robust way of life regulated by English law — except in beautiful Quebec, where I can gabble in atrocious French and be thanked for it.  I could even learn to love ice hockey.’ ~ Peter Hitchens

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