Book Review: ‘The Bornless Keeper’ by P. B. Yuill

‘The Bornless Keeper’ by P. B. Yuill, Walker & Company, 1975

The Bornless Keeper by P. B. Yuill is a novel I was keen to check out, so recently bought the U.S. hardcover first edition in a nice dustjacket from an online bookseller.

‘P. B. Yuill’ is a pseudonym for Gordon Williams who wrote the short series of Hazell novels that were turned into a TV series in the United Kingdom many years ago.  The three Hazell novels were published under the P. B. Yuill pseudonym but were co-written with, of all people, Terry Venables, the former football/soccer manager.  The Bornless Keeper is solo Williams.

I’m glad I read it as it was quite engrossing and entertaining.  The plot is, basically: mysterious murders are taking place on a small, privately owned island and a former London detective arrives to investigate.  Is it the feathered monster of local folklore, or someone masquerading as it, or a wild animal, or a disturbed individual, or someone not local at all?  There is a strong Seventies atmosphere about the writing (it was published in the U.K. in 1974), with lots of sexual hanky-panky among a television film crew who decide to surreptitiously visit the island.

Overall, in my opinion not a great book but a good one.

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