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Britain’s crazy Public Order Act: used and abused to stifle and suppress Christians’ freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is back on the agenda Section five of the Public Order Act 1986 removed the requirement for an intention to cause a breach of the peace.  Instead, abusive or insulting behaviour was to be penalised if it was within the … Continue reading

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Separated at birth: Pope Gregory IX and Sylvester Stallone

Here’s the proof: Pope Gregory IX painted by Raphael, and Sylvester Stallone in his ‘Rocky’ role.  I rest my case. Hat-tip to Creative Minority Report for spotting this eerie similarity! Another great separated-at-birth: Separated at birth: Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams … Continue reading

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Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama refuses to condemn monk self-immolations

Dalai Lama ducks question on monk self-immolations The Dalai Lama refused to answer a question Monday about whether Tibetan monks should stop setting themselves on fire to protest China’s occupation of Tibet. “No answer,” he said, saying it was a sensitive political … Continue reading

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