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Pic of the day: Lego rosary

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Are the Gospels based on Pagan myths?

Were the Gospels Based on Pagan Myths? No, responds Timothy Paul Jones.  Read his article, linked to above, if you are interested in the subject.  It’s well worth your reading time.  He concludes with some excellent advice: What should you do … Continue reading

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Canada human rights watch: Militant secularist group demands government ban on Christian exorcisms

Ban exorcisms, demands Ontario atheist group Of course, the incident that triggered the atheists’ outburst wasn’t even an exorcism: While there was no formal exorcism ritual performed, the priest blessed the man, saying he belonged to the good side, to … Continue reading

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Roger Olson on the new fundamentalists and their war against moderate evangelicals

What distinguishes “evangelical” from “fundamentalist?” by Roger E. Olson I identify the new fundamentalists by their ethos which I find to be similar in many ways to that of the older fundamentalists.  They are evangelicals who TEND to: 1) spend much energy … Continue reading

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