Militant secularist bigotry alive and well in the New York Times

New York Times ad is proof that anti-Catholic attacks are fair game

* The ad asks, among other things, why “liberal” and “nominal” Catholics are “aiding and abetting a church that has repeatedly engaged in a crusade to ban contraception?

Really?  The Church and allied Protestant groups are asking that religious institutions not be forced to provide services that go against their faith.  They are not calling for a nationwide ban on contraception.

* It accuses the Church of creating acute misery, poverty, needless suffering, unwanted pregnancies, overpopulation, social evils and deaths.

Really?  The Catholic Church in the U.S. feeds for free half its hungry citizens.  Go into most major cities and North America and there will Catholic outreach for the sick and the homeless.  In Africa, the Church has provided medicine, hospitals, schools and compassion.  I could be wrong but I doubt if the Freedom from Religion Foundation has set up a hospital in Africa.

* It then ads that the “church hysterically claims that secular medical policy is on religious liberty.”

If the writers of this ad read their own Constitution they would find out it is an assault on religious freedom.  Even Barack Obama has promised to look at a way to let religious institutions off the hook . . .

* It then goes on to say, “Why put up with an institution that discriminates against half of humanity?”

They are referring to the roughly 600 million women who make up about half the Church.  But women in the Church are there because they want to be and they serve as missionaries, nurses, doctors, theologians and teachers – among other roles.

Bill Donohue, head of the U.S. Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, has often been known to use his own hyperbole.  But in this case, Mr. Donohue is dead right:

“Never has there been a more vicious anti-Catholic advertisement in a prominent American newspaper than the one in today’s New York Times by Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).  The demonization of Catholicism is palpable.”

Just imagine if this ad appeared about any other identifiable group.  We would never hear the end of it.  But Catholics, it seems, are fair game.

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