Quote of the day: John Gray on Blaise Pascal and historically illiterate New Atheists

‘One of the creators of modern probability theory, the seventeenth-century thinker [Blaise Pascal] invented an early calculating machine, the Pascaline, along with a version of the syringe and a hydraulic press.  He made major contributions to geometry and helped shape the future development of mathematics.  He also designed the first urban mass transit system.

Pascal was one of the founders of the modern world.  Yet the author of the Pensees – an apology for Christianity begun after his conversion to Catholicism – was also convinced of the paltriness of the human mind.  By any standards a scientific genius and one of the most intelligent human beings that may ever have lived, Pascal never supposed that humankind’s problems could be solved if only people were smarter.

The paradox of an immensely powerful mind mistrusting the intellect is not new.  Pascal needed intellectual humility because he had so many reasons to be proud of his intelligence.  It is only the illiteracy of the current generation of atheists that leads them to think religious practitioners must be stupid or thoughtless.’

~ John Gray

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