Canada human rights watch: Gay divorce first, religious freedom a distant second

Gay divorce first, religious freedom a distant second by Charles Lewis

One thing the “great gay divorce crisis of January 2012” has shown is that our government can move fast when it feels the need to get something important done.  The same-sex marriage debacle lasted all of about three days and ended Friday with the government assuring all gay couples who married here, but do not reside here, that not only is their marriage valid but they could come here anytime to enjoy the weather, curling and get a divorce.

Meantime, the government’s office of religious freedom, promised about a year ago during the federal election campaign, still sits in limbo with no details being released to the public about what such an office would look like or when it might even open.

Perhaps the issue of non-resident gay couples seeking divorce in Canada is actually greater than I understand.  On the other hand, it may have been the government desperate to show that it has no secret social conservative agenda to revisit same-sex marriage.  That is almost as bad as any hint of revisiting Canada’s policy (non-policy) on abortion.

. . . at the end of the day maybe Canadians are more concerned about a single gay divorce than about the violent religious persecution of thousands of men, women and children.

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