Is the biblical ‘Sea of Reeds’ the Red Sea or an inland reedy lake? Colin Humphreys gives his view

In My View the Biblical Sea of Reeds is the Red Sea by Colin Humphreys, Professor and Director of Research, Selwyn College, Cambridge

In summary, it is clear from the biblical reference to where Solomon built his ships, that yam suph refers to the head of the Gulf of Aqaba.  By extension, it may also refer to the Gulf of Suez and to the main body of the Red Sea as well.  I have found no evidence that yam suph was ever used to refer to an inland reedy lake.

If my arguments are accepted, the Hebrew Old Testament, the Greek Septuagint, and the New Testament all agree that the crossing of Moses and the Israelites occurred at the Hebrew yam suph, meaning Sea of Reeds, which was later called in Greek erythra thalassa, meaning Red Sea, both terms referring to the Gulf of Aqaba and probably also to the Gulf of Suez and the main body of the Red Sea.

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