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Leading research institute lists UK with China, Nigeria, Vietnam for significant and increasing hostility to religion

The UK is now listed with China, Nigeria, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam as a country of significant and increasing social hostility towards religion: Rising Restrictions on Religion Regarding the UK in particular, the Pew report found the following about the government … Continue reading

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Sculptor agrees to improve hideous statue of Pope John Paul II at Rome’s main train station

The sculptor of the controversial statue of the late Pope John Paul II that now stands at Rome’s main train station says he’s open to making minor changes in the work.  Some have called his depiction of John Paul’s head “excessively … Continue reading

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The Roman Catholic Church has its own version of science-denying Creationists: small group of geocentrists

Amazingly, there are still people out there who believe — for theological reasons i.e. biblical literalism — that the Earth is the center of the universe and the sun revolves around it: Supporters contend there is scientific evidence to support geocentrism, just as … Continue reading

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Political correctness and statist meddling gone mad: 1,000 year old church closed by government-protected bats

A church closed by roosting bats Sacred mysteries: Bats have driven worshippers out of a 1,000-year-old church in Yorkshire, says Christopher Howse.

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Quote of the day: Mark Noll on Christianity, science and hasty conclusions

‘Many of the problems that have taken place in the so-called conflict between religion and science come from hasty conclusions.  Right back to the Middle Ages, we have a long series of purportedly new discoveries in nature.  The response by … Continue reading

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Pic of the day: The ARC Gloria, one of the biggest tall ships in the world, narrowly passes through Tower Bridge

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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Laurence M. Vance on American Christians, American exceptionalism, militarism, and warmongering

Christianity and War by Laurence M. Vance ‘If there is any group of people that should be opposed to war, torture, militarism, the warfare state, state worship, suppression of civil liberties, an imperial presidency, blind nationalism, government propaganda, and an aggressive … Continue reading

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A simple explanation of the Synoptic Problem

If you’re an intellectually engaged, theologically minded Christian, sooner or later you’ll come across something known as the ‘Synoptic Problem’.  It’s almost unavoidable and discussions of it can get complicated very quickly.  A simple, straightforward outline can be found here: Which theory do you think … Continue reading

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Biblical ‘minimalist’ Philip Davies still obsessed with David Elkington’s fake metal codices

Philip Davies, a well-known biblical ‘minimalist’ (i.e. he disputes most of the historical claims made in the Old Testament), has no such hesitations about David Elkington’s metal codices.  On the contrary, in his lavishly illustrated editorial (all photographs courtesy of … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Alexander Lucie-Smith on angry, rude, intolerant secularists

‘It seems we must get used to the idea that wherever the Holy Father goes the usual suspects will round themselves up and stage a protest, indulging their love for synthetic rage.  First London, now Madrid . . . But … Continue reading

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Freethinking atheist Brendan O’Neill says: State should keep its nose out of Catholic Church’s confession boxes

The state should keep its nose out of the Catholic Church’s confession boxes We already live in a world where CCTV cameras film our every move and where politicians constantly call for greater and earlier intervention into family life.  Every … Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘Stranger on a Strange Island: From Main Street to Mayne Island’ by Grant Buday

‘Stranger on a Strange Island: From Main Street to Mayne Island’ by Grant Buday, New Star Books, Vancouver, 2011 Over the last few years I’ve become interested in West Coast ‘outdoors adventure’ and ‘back to nature’ books, so was intrigued when I heard about this new … Continue reading

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Secularism at work: young Catholics harassed and abused by angry mob during Catholic World Youth Day

A young pilgrim describes how her group was harassed by protesters against the Pope’s visit in Madrid: MUST READ: Young person’s account of harassment and violence at WYD

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Is Governor Rick Perry a King Saul to Michelle Bachmann’s King David?

A staffer involved in Rep. Michele Bachmann’s faith outreach compared Texas Governor Rick Perry to Old Testament King Saul and Bachmann to King David.  “One looks everything like a king, while the other is anointed,” said the staffer. Which one … Continue reading

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We know which authors fundamentalists read (if they read at all, most don’t) but who do theological liberals read?

Here’s the answer: 25 theologians to help broaden your faith 1. Marcus J. Borg is an American theologian and a prominent voice among contemporary Jesus scholars.  He is the author of 19 books.  Try: The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Peter Hitchens on teenage rioters, child looters and why parents can’t discipline their children

‘Those who seek to blame or indeed punish parents for the misdeeds of their children should heed the painful cry of one such parent this week, a respected TV cameraman. ‘I am heartbroken and totally ashamed,’ he said of his … Continue reading

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Photograph of the day: Riverside, Iowa, future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise

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Is the biblical ‘Sea of Reeds’ the Red Sea or an inland reedy lake? Colin Humphreys gives his view

In My View the Biblical Sea of Reeds is the Red Sea by Colin Humphreys, Professor and Director of Research, Selwyn College, Cambridge In summary, it is clear from the biblical reference to where Solomon built his ships, that yam suph … Continue reading

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Writers’ quote of the day: George Orwell on the sheer unpleasantness of writing a book

‘Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness.  One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.’ ~ George … Continue reading

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Pro-abortion activists try to attack peaceful marchers, vandalise offices, media completely ignore it

One-Nil against Pro-Lifers The office of the European Regional Director of Human Life International, Johannes Bucher, was attacked recently after a pro-life March took place in Austria.  Seven windows were broken, and thousands of dollars worth of damage was caused … Continue reading

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The cocaine dealer who became a church minister, confessed his sins and has been forgiven by his flock

The cocaine dealer who became a church minister, confessed his sins and has been forgiven by his flock Pastor Brian Morris knows first-hand about the importance of salvation — for he was once a drug dealer who was jailed for … Continue reading

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John Calvin must be weeping: some telling statistics from Switzerland

Swiss churchgoers on why they attend church: 62%: “I’m just always there.” 28%: “I enjoy the services.” 7%: “Because I’m afraid about the afterlife.” 5%: “Because I believe in God.” [That totals 102%!] The survey also revealed that around one … Continue reading

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An interesting list of classic heist (robbery) novels by Duane Swierczynski

Let’s book ‘em: a sure-fire survey of bank robbery novels Click on the link above for the full list of short reviews.  I have just read this one and it is excellent: Loophole, or How to Rob a Bank (1973) … Continue reading

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Why do Catholics become Protestants? Three main reasons, according to Thomas Reese

The hidden exodus: Catholics becoming Protestants First, those who are leaving the church for Protestant churches are more interested in spiritual nourishment than doctrinal issues.  Tinkering with the wording of the creed at Mass is not going to help.  No … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Marilyn Sewell on churches, mission, charity and justice

‘Church is not just a place where good friends gather to support one another; it is not a place where people go to save their own souls, and ignore the very real pain of their neighbors; it is not a … Continue reading

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