Tightwad Tony Blair charging parents for bus ride to son’s party at his own house!

Blairs charge children £10 to attend son’s end-of-term party at their £6million country mansion

Kevin Norbury, a dustman whose children attended the school, said: ‘I think he’s tight charging these people, given the amount of money he’s got.  He has made millions out of his book about himself.  The school has a mixture of children from working-class and middle-class backgrounds whose parents have different incomes and different priorities.’

. . . Another parent added: ‘If the Blairs are holding the party, it’s up to them to make the transport arrangements.  I’ve taken a group of pupils, parents and teachers on a day out and hired a minibus, and didn’t charge anyone anything.’

This is not the first time that the Blairs have angered parents at their 11-year-old son’s school.


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