Veteran Japanese filmmaker Shigeki Chiba describes how Mother Teresa led him to God

Mother Teresa leads filmmaker to God

“Mother Teresa’s philosophy of seeing Jesus in the poorest of the poor touched me so much that I began to read the Bible to find Jesus,” says Shigeki, insisting that it was Mother Teresa and not film-making that led him to the Catholic faith in December 1977.

“First I wanted to tell the story of Mother Teresa to the Japanese [then] I wanted to have the same values she had and they came from Catholicism,” said Shigeki whose family’s religion was a mix of Buddhism and Tendi Kyo.

“Mother Teresa had much humor and joy.  She would be saintly when she prayed in the church, but when she helped the poor she was like any other person, laughing and talking.”

His admiration for Mother Teresa of Calcutta was such that he named his first daughter after the saintly nun.

Though Christians make up less than one percent of the population in Japan, over 1,000 Japanese youths visit Kolkata each year, to serve as volunteers in Mother Teresa homes.

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