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Scottish secularists seek to ban the words ‘homosexual’ and ‘heterosexual’ from public discourse

Scots civil servants banned from saying ‘homosexual’ Civil servants in Scotland can no longer use the word “homosexual” because it is deemed offensive to gay men, according to new guidance from the Scottish Government. The guidance states: “It is not … Continue reading

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Seen in a Presbyterian church Sunday bulletin

Seen in a church bulletin: “Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM at the First Presbyterian Church.  Please use large double door at the side entrance.”

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Quote of the day: Dr. John Polkinghorne on the Christian doctrine of creation

‘The doctrine of creation isn’t about how things began, it’s about why things exist, what holds the world in being.  The Christian belief is that it is the will of God that holds the world in being.’ ~ Dr. John … Continue reading

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Harold Camping claims another victim of his evil false prophecies

An Oregon woman says says her son was shot last Friday by a co-worker who had been teased because he believed in Harold Camping’s May 21 Rapture prediction. O’Callaghan “expected to be taken up in the Rapture, and it didn’t … Continue reading

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Militant European ‘humanists’ work to ban all public displays or expressions of religious believers’ faith

The European Humanist Federation [EHF] has submitted proposals to the EU RELIGARE project, a three-year study of religious freedom, that if accepted would strip religious believers of many of their freedoms. The EHF recommends that employers ban religious symbols and … Continue reading

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Photograph of the day: Kingfisher barely causes a ripple as it dives into the water, creating perfect mirror image

Mirror image: kingfisher barely causes a ripple as it dives into the water.

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Cardinal Jose da Cruz Policarpo of Lisbon says there is no fundamental theological obstacle to women priests

The Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal Jose da Cruz Policarpo, has said that there is no fundamental theological obstacle to women priests. — I think that women priests will come (back) in Catholicism eventually.  But there will probably have to be another pope … Continue reading

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The Martyrs of Lübeck: three Roman Catholic priests beatified and a Lutheran minister honoured

Three Roman Catholic martyrs executed under the Nazi regime – Fr. Hermann Lange, Fr. Eduard Müller and Fr. Johannes Prassek – were beatified in Germany on Saturday, and a Lutheran minister honoured.  These men were killed because of the hatred of Christian … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Peter Hitchens compares David Cameron and Tony Blair

‘David Cameron may be ‘better’ than Anthony Blair.  I think it too early to tell.  But then so are most humans walking on the earth.’ ~ Peter Hitchens

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Secularist politician Rolf Schwanitz wants to deny Pope Benedict free speech in Germany

Bundestag representative Rolf Schwanitz sent a petition Saturday to 146 parliamentarians in a bid to block Pope Benedict XVI’s speech, set to be held in the lower house of German parliament, during his visit in September. He said the speech … Continue reading

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European Union secularist Commissioner censures & threatens Hungary for not promoting abortion strongly enough

EU threatens Hungary for promoting adoption instead of abortion The Justice Commissioner of the European Union, Viviane Reding, has threatened Hungary with financial penalties for running an advertising campaign that promoted adoption instead of abortion. European Dignity Watch report: ‘During … Continue reading

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A nice summary of the droning prize-bores known as the New Atheists

‘Nobody talks so constantly about God as those who insist that there is no God.’ ~ Heywood Broun

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Writers’ quote of the day: Richard Bach on the importance of persistence

‘A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.’ ~ Richard Bach

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Pic of the day: St. Etheldreda at St. Peter and St. Paul Church, Ampton, Suffolk, England

St. Etheldreda (630-679), sometimes called Audrey, was a royal princess, daughter of a king, and twice married.  Her second marriage was to the King of Northumbria.  Nevertheless, it is said, she remained a virgin. She took religious vows, and founded the Abbey of Ely.  Viking … Continue reading

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Mordechay Lewy, the Israeli ambassador to the Vatican, praises Pope Pius XII for saving Jews from the Nazis

Israeli envoy praises wartime Pope The comments by Mordechay Lewy, the Israeli ambassador to the Vatican, were some of the warmest ever made by a Jewish official about Pius. And rightly so. Lewy, speaking at a ceremony on Thursday night to … Continue reading

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Hitchens on atheist bores

‘The wearisome obtuseness of atheist bores would be funny if it didn’t take up so much space.  Why can’t these people just accept that belief or unbelief in God is a choice?  Why can’t they accept that they have chosen … Continue reading

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Angry atheists complain about renaming a street “Seven in Heaven Way” to honour firefighters killed on 9-11

The usual angry atheist crowd are complaining about the renaming of a Brooklyn street to “Seven in Heaven Way” to honour seven firefighters killed on 9-11. The new street sign – which city officials hung last Saturday at Seabring Street – honors seven … Continue reading

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How long were biblical manuscripts in use? On average usually 200 to 300 years, says Craig Evans

How Long Were Biblical Manuscripts in Use? If the Gospel of Matthew was published and circulated in 75 CE and if it and some of the first copies of it were in use as long as the manuscripts in the … Continue reading

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20 Pagans arrested for drug and public disorder offenses at their most ‘holy’ celebration of the year

New Agers, neo-pagans gather at Stonehenge for summer solstice

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The ecclesiology of John Calvin: his contribution to church government, by John Witte

‘One of Calvin’s most original and lasting contributions to the Western rights tradition lay in his restructuring of the liberty and order of the church.  Calvin combined ingeniously within his ecclesiology the principles of rule of law, democracy, and liberty. … Continue reading

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Tightwad Tony Blair charging parents for bus ride to son’s party at his own house!

Blairs charge children £10 to attend son’s end-of-term party at their £6million country mansion Kevin Norbury, a dustman whose children attended the school, said: ‘I think he’s tight charging these people, given the amount of money he’s got.  He has … Continue reading

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Writers’ quote of the day: It’s essential to create interesting, compelling characters

‘Think of your main characters as dinner guests.  Would your friends want to spend ten hours with the characters you’ve created?  Your characters can be loveable, or they can be evil, but they’d better be compelling.’ ~ Po Bronson

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C. S. Lewis on the reading of old books

On The Reading of Old Books by C. S. Lewis

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The poignant true story of a Catholic priest, twice falsely accused of sexual abuse, who died a broken man

The poignant story of a falsely accused priest who “died of a broken heart”: It would have been impossible to imagine the turn that Murphy’s life would eventually take. That turn came in April 2010, when lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, who … Continue reading

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How to find out if your website or blog is censored in China

Click here: Great Firewall of China and insert your url. So far, Curious Presbyterian has not been banned in China.  I must get working on that!

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