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32ft. plan of the ‘Titanic’ used in the official inquiry in 1912 goes up for auction

One Titanic price tag: Unique diagram of liner used at official inquiry could fetch £150,000 at auction

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Photograph of the day: High up above the rooftops

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Atheist Brendan O’Neill: the similarities between May 21 Rapturist Harold Camping and the environmentalist lobby

‘The really weird thing about Camping and his 21 May movement is how outdated it seems.  Because in recent years, end-of-the-worldism has been well and truly secularised.  Doomsday is no longer the property of the religious – it has been stolen and … Continue reading

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Robert Fitzpatrick spent his $140,000 life savings on advertising Harold Camping’s May 21, 2011 ‘Rapture’ rubbish

Ex subway worker sinks $140,000 life savings into campaign advertising the end of the world More: May 21, 2011: some fundamentalists claim it will be the end of the world as we know it May 21, 2011, the end of … Continue reading

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Is it time to end tax breaks for atheists? Taxpayers fund Richard Dawkins at atheist convention

Government comes to atheist party The ”four horsemen of the anti-apocalypse”, the world’s most prominent atheists, will share a public platform for the first time in Melbourne next year in an event partly funded by the state government. The Global Atheist … Continue reading

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Harold Camping and Prince Charles: two ‘End Times’ false prophets

“Save the date!  Return of Christ, May 21, 2011.” ~ Harold Camping “We have 18 months to stop climate change disaster.” ~ Prince Charles, May 2008 More: The best way to respond to Harold Camping’s ‘End of the World on … Continue reading

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