‘Jesus Tomb’ archaeologist James Tabor defends Vendyl “Ark hunter” Jones & Simcha Jacobovici

Not only does Tabor idolise fundamentalist crank Vendyl “Ark hunter” Jones, he passionately defends Simcha Jacobovici’s ‘Jesus Nails’ pseudo-archaeological rubbish:

Beyond any substance to this post I find the personal slander, diatribe and ugly anti-Semitic innuendoes totally disgusting.  Where have we come to as academics if this is the kind of style we use to make our points.  There is even a Web site out there called “Let’s beat the snot out of Simcha.”  I find it really beyond sad.  To charge that Simcha’s motivies are “to prey on the hopes and beliefs of the faithful in anticipation of making lots of money for Simcha Jacobovici” and that it is all “topped with a colorful hat” referring to Simcha’s kippah, is really beyond the pale — not to mention a half-dozen other slanderous comments.  My comment here has little to do with Simcha per se, whom I know to be a totally honorable person, or the subject at hand, i.e. the nails and the Caiaphas tomb, on which I think there is a lot to say, but just the sad level to which some of my colleagues have seemed to stoop in ridiculing others.  #7 – James Tabor – 05/10/2011 – 19:29

The “post” to which he is referring is Dr. Robert Cargill’s evisceration of Jacobovici’s ridiculous claims.  Of course, there’s not a single “anti-Semitic innuendo” in Dr. Cargill’s excellent article.  Tabor is, once again, simply embarrassing himself.

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