The Rob Bell debate: says he’s been “taken to a place of profound brokenness”

Rob Bell says he’s been “taken to a place of profound brokenness” in recent weeks as his book about heaven and hell was denounced as heresy by fundamentalists such as Al Mohler and John Piper.


The Rob Bell debate: fundamentalists John Piper & Albert Mohler play Tweedledee & Tweedledum

The Rob Bell debate: John Stott on hell fire, eternal torment and Christian annihilationism

‘Love Wins’: Rob Bell and the neo-Calvinistas by Jarrod McKenna

The Rob Bell debate: of course a literal Hell exists and here’s a photograph to prove it!

The Rob Bell debate: New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham on hell and universal salvation

The Rob Bell debate: still generating discussion and debate around the blogs and news sites

The Rob Bell debate: Richard J. Mouw on the orthodoxy of Rob Bell

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