Hitchens on state-sponsored, taxpayer-funded drug taking and institutionalised wickedness

‘Through the Methadone programme, the British state supposedly ‘prevents’ crime by robbing the taxpayer through HMRC, spending his hard-earned money on stupefying drugs for criminal parasites, and giving them these drugs.  Thus the crime is nationalised.  It does not cease.  It is done instead by the state.  If I object to the spending of my money on this purpose, and refuse to pay taxes for it, I will go to prison.  Unlike the heroin user, who openly breaks the law against possession of heroin, but is treated as a victim.  I fail to see the moral difference between being mugged for my money by the state, so that some deadbeat can stupefy himself, and being mugged direct by the deadbeat.

The institutionalised wickedness which follows the acceptance of drug-taking among us is almost limitless.’

~ Peter Hitchens

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