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American pastor Terry Jones: not just a fundamentalist but a cult-leader

The Telegraph reports: Pastor Terry Jones: a homophobic used furniture salesman with a love of controversy When Pastor Jones was in Germany, his daughter Emma, one of his three children, described the church as a cult and accused them of … Continue reading

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Hitchens on drug users and what should be done about them

‘You can now be found with a bag of dope big enough to pull your arm out of its socket and not be considered a serious criminal . . . I do not understand why we treat drug-dealers as wicked, … Continue reading

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Four prevalent myths about the Crusades, much believed and propagated by ignorant New Atheists

Four Myths about the Crusades by Paul F. Crawford The four myths are: Myth #1: The crusades represented an unprovoked attack by Western Christians on the Muslim world. Myth #2: Western Christians went on crusade because their greed led them to … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: philosopher Francis Beckwith on the increasingly self-embittered Anne Rice

‘Anne Rice, I am sad to say, cannot distinguish her visceral dislike for Catholic moral theology with a sustained argument against it.  Her case, which is apparently universal in scope, is no wider than a first person rant: “some Catholics … Continue reading

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