Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou & ‘Bible’s Buried Secrets’: top scholar on ‘God’s wife’ Asherah

Evidence for Asherah by Judith M. Hadley

Asherah has appeared paired with Yahweh in positive ways.  Furthermore, the early eighth century BCE prophets do not condemn Asherah worship.  The worship of Asherah was evidently acceptable before the Deuteronomistic reform movement gained momentum in the seventh century BCE, but since the text of the Bible was significantly composed or edited by the Deuteronomistic school or even later, this fact is not immediately apparent.

Judith M. Hadley published her monograph The Cult of Asherah in Ancient Israel and Judah. Evidence for a Hebrew Goddess, University of Cambridge Oriental Publication series 57 (Cambridge) in 2000, and wrote the web article (linked to above) in December 2008.  It explains how theories about ‘God’s wife’ Asherah, as recently popularised by Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou on the BBC’s ‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets’ documentaries, were making a comeback.

This directly contradicts Stavrakopoulou’s claims that she has uncovered some sort of “buried secret.”  Far from it: to academics and scholars in relevant fields this is very old knowledge indeed.  Stavrakopoulou is simply trying to outdo Bart Ehrman at his own game.

‘God’s wife’ Asherah Bibliography

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