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The Rob Bell debate: Richard J. Mouw on the orthodoxy of Rob Bell

The Orthodoxy of Rob Bell More Thoughts about “Generous Orthodoxy” I find nothing in his Love Wins book that violates the standards of a broad Evangelical orthodoxy.  I say the same for John Stott’s argument in favor of the idea … Continue reading

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Catholic Church has lack of exorcists to confront increase in Satanism and irrational occultism

Satanism Scholar Notes Priest Shortage, Calls for Greater Numbers to Be Trained in Dealing With Occult Ferrari thus called for an “in-depth formation of an adequate number of priests” in order to address the issues more effectively, reserving for exorcists … Continue reading

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Photograph of the day: How you don’t want to meet Jesus

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Quick, call Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou: God has a wife & now the Holy Spirit has a husband!

The Holy Spirit as Wife of Adonai in Mandaeism by Dr. James McGrath I’ve been spending some time this evening working on the Mandaean Book of John.  In looking up a passage in the important but puzzling text known as Haran … Continue reading

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Exorcism and Satanism in the news

How to become an exorcist Top 10 exorcist films Satanism through the ages Surge in Satanism ‘sparks demand for exorcists’ Rise in demand for exorcism recalls horror trend

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Pope Benedict XVI, manga hero

Pope Benedict XVI is the star of a new manga cartoon.

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Celebrity atheist Philip Pullman argues value of public learning while displaying public ignorance

Outspoken atheist Philip Pullman, in his latest fulmination against public library closures, gropes for a precedent from history and claims that some local authorities: “have hacked into theirs like the fanatical Bishop Theophilus in the year 391 laying waste to the Library of Alexandria … Continue reading

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Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou & ‘Bible’s Buried Secrets’: top scholar on ‘God’s wife’ Asherah

Evidence for Asherah by Judith M. Hadley Asherah has appeared paired with Yahweh in positive ways.  Furthermore, the early eighth century BCE prophets do not condemn Asherah worship.  The worship of Asherah was evidently acceptable before the Deuteronomistic reform movement gained momentum … Continue reading

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Pic of the day: Lion attacks zebra — and regrets it after prey’s hoofs almost break lion’s jaw

Read the story and see more photographs of the epic battle here. More unusual wildlife pics: Nature at its most cruel: crocodile eats buffalo! Wildlife photograph of the day: pelican eats a pigeon!

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Richard Dawkins & his cult following drive yet another atheist into the arms of Christianity

Former atheist turned Christian through Dawkins’ website continues strong faith in God It was his interest in evolution that led him to follow Richard Dawkins.  Upon finding the author’s actual website, Morgan was excited to communicate with scientists and philosophers … Continue reading

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