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Peter Hitchens on Christian feminist prohibitionist Carrie Nation

‘I was once in the interesting town of Fond du Lac in Wisconsin (investigating that enjoyable state’s famed 1990s welfare reforms)  when I came across a plaque commemorating the day in 1902 when the ferocious anti-booze campaigner Carrie Nation stormed … Continue reading

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Darrell Dow on fundamentalists, the Bible and ‘Biblical authority’

‘Fundamentalists believe that the words of God were written down by holy men and transmitted to us in an inerrant, inspired, perfectly preserved text of the Bible.  The Bible was then translated word-for-word exactly from the original languages into English with … Continue reading

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Hitchens on the moral consequences of atheism

From here: ‘I’ve had quite a few letters (though interestingly not recently)  from ex-believers, urging me to join them in their Godless universe and savour the sense of liberation which they feel from tiresome obligations, now that they have cast … Continue reading

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The Rob Bell debate: does anyone go to Hell?

  The Rob Bell Controversy: Does Anyone Go To Hell? If Rob Bell advocates that the God revealed in Jesus will not stop until all God’s creation is redeemed and recreated — and I suppose we’ll know soon! — he … Continue reading

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