‘Playboy’ centerfold and ‘Baywatch’ babe Donna D’Errico to search Mt. Ararat for Noah’s Ark

Donna D’Errico to Climb Mount Ararat in Search of Noah’s Ark

Former “Baywatch” star Donna D’Errico has enjoyed a pretty amazing career arc.  But the 42-year-old actress, who recently turned down a spot on “Dancing With the Stars,” is now focusing on Noah’s ark.

D’Errico, 42, is in training to fulfill a lifelong dream of climbing Mount Ararat in Turkey to search for the frozen remains of Noah’s ark.

According to Biblical legend, the ark was built centuries ago to protect Noah’s family and two of every kind of animal during a flood lasting 40 days and 40 nights.

After the great flood, the ark supposedly landed atop the mountain.  Many believers have been looking for the remains ever since.

Actually not very many at all.  And of the few that have been looking, it seems that 99.5% of them are American fundamentalists of one stripe or another.


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