Britain’s Evangelical Alliance welcomes Home Office ban on American Pastor Terry Jones

Evangelical Alliance welcomes Home Office ban on Pastor Terry Jones

The Evangelical Alliance has welcomed the Home Office’s decision to ban a US pastor from entering Britain after he threatened to burn the Koran.

The General Director of the UK Evangelical Alliance, Steve Clifford, last month contacted Pastor Jones to ask him to refrain from visiting Britain out of concern that it would incite hatred and tensions among different religious and ethnic groups.

He welcomed the ban.

“I had hoped Terry Jones would see sense and decide for himself not to come as his visit risked inflaming tension and inciting violence so I understand why the Home Secretary has taken this step,” he said.

He added that Pastor Jones’ understanding of the Christian faith was shared by only a very small minority of believers.

“Christians are called to be passionate peacemakers, challenging any attitude that would lead to violence and respecting even those with whom we would disagree,” he said.

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