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The enormous ideological blind spot of the New Atheists

‘You wouldn’t know it from the writing of the New Atheists, [but] the truth is that there are such things as religious moderates, religious liberals and religious progressives.  There are religious people who believe that critical thinking in matters of … Continue reading

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Convinced atheist chairs a Richard Dawkins event and instantly becomes an agnostic!

Read about the convinced atheist who chaired an event for Richard Dawkins and, as a result, became an agnostic: ‘How Dawkins converted me from atheism to agnosticism’ Well done, Dicky!

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Weird news: angry atheist activist demands right to attend women’s underwear event

Men’s ban from underwear talk is, well, brief The Lake Villa District Library has agreed to allow men to attend a historical presentation on “Unmentionables: The Rise and Fall of Ladies Underwear,” after hearing complaints that it was violating the … Continue reading

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Po-faced atheists upset over donation to churches

   Once again, a group of atheists have chosen to make a big fuss over something the great majority of citizens would consider entirely appropriate, indeed laudable:  Atheist group upset over donation to churches It’s this kind of petty begrudging and trouble-making that … Continue reading

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William Oddie on “The ghastly, tone-deaf, flat-footed mediocrity of the Jerusalem Bible”

On this 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, a Catholic blogger expresses dismay at “the tone-deaf, flat-footed Jerusalem Bible” translation: The 400th anniversary of the King James Bible exposes the banality of the version we are stuck with: Do we … Continue reading

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Biblical cosmologies, literalistic interpretations and what the ancient Israelites really believed

Charles Halton discusses ancient and modern cosmologies, symbolism, and literalism.

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Hitchens on Jared Loughner, the Arizona murderer

‘Significantly the alleged killer is said to be an incoherent, cannabis-smoking (and possibly LSD-taking) loner from a dysfunctional and far-from-conservative home background.  He is said to have a police record for possession of drug paraphernalia and another unspecified charge.  Those … Continue reading

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‘Imagine no religion’: John Lennon’s dream come true

More: John Lennon was wrong: Jesus was (and is) far more popular than the Beatles

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