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‘The Third Step’ by Peter Howson, painter of Scottish martyr St. John Ogilvie

‘The Third Step’ by Peter Howson More on Peter Howson Robert Burns by Peter Howson

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A secularist portrayal of the Christmas story

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Four myths about the Authorised (King James) Version of the Bible

Authorised Myths

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Hitchens the Christian vs. Hitchens the atheist

Robert Barron has some interesting reflections on recent books by the two Hitchens brothers, one a former atheist, the other still an atheist: Hitchens the Believer vs. Hitchens the Atheist

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Quote of the day: Albert Einstein on being religious

“Yes, you can call it that,” Einstein replied calmly.  “Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible laws and connections, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable.  Veneration … Continue reading

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On atheists and the Bible

‘The intellectual isolation of the atheist from wider cultural movements and shifts in perception is one of the great stories of our time.  Almost no one is covering it.  If the question they are asking about religion is, Don’t these … Continue reading

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[Stained glass] Pic of the day: St. Austremonius amongst the beasts of the wild

St. Austremonius Amongst the Beasts of the Wild, (1897).  Middle panel of a stained glass window from an apsidal chapel of the church Saint-Austremonius of Issoire, Auvergne, France

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Evolution organization spotlights important new book ‘Darwin’s Pious Idea’ by Conor Cunningham

The Biologos Foundation and “Darwin’s Pious Idea”, Part 1 The book is a joy to read. But the book is work to read, at times hard work, hard and rewarding work.  It begins by reviewing the standard story of Darwinian theory.  He … Continue reading

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