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Elton John, Liz Hurley, David and Victoria Beckham — this hypocritical bunch deserve each other

Will Shane Warne ‘debacle’ cost Liz Hurley her godmother dream to Elton John’s baby? After her very public affair with former Aussie cricketer Shane Warne, Liz Hurley fears she could be snubbed as godmother to Elton John’s baby Zachary Jackson … Continue reading

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The bogus ‘war on drugs’ and how Britons spend £900 million a year to subsidise drug abusers

Peter Hitchens writes: While it is good news that there is a knighthood for Robin Murray, the psychiatrist who has done so much to warn against the mental health dangers of supposedly harmless cannabis, our efforts to combat the drug menace … Continue reading

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Hitchens on belief, doubt and the ‘burning certainty’ of atheists

‘The atheist is consumed with such a burning certainty that he is sure that only the believer has problems of doubt. Most believers, by contrast, are filled with doubt.  And I’ve said before that both Christians and atheists fear there … Continue reading

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Car bomb at Egyptian church kills 21 as worshippers gather to celebrate New Year

Car bomb at Egyptian church kills 21 as worshippers gather to celebrate New Year The Interior Ministry earlier said 24 people were also wounded in the bombing, which prompted hundreds of Christians to take to the streets in protest.  

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New Fred Phelps / Westboro Baptist Church placard sign

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