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‘Jesus tomb’ proponent James Tabor praises fundamentalist crank Vendyl “Ark hunter” Jones

Firstly, Richard Bartholomew sums up Vendyl Jones’ career here: “Ark Hunter” Vendyl Jones has Died Jones’ entire pseudo-archaeological “career” was a tragic misdirection of his undoubted energies, which were wasted on crank notions derived from an approach which regards religion as … Continue reading

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Fundamentalist ‘creation science’ in all it’s glory: dragons and unicorns on Noah’s ark

Kentucky Creationist Museum Will Feature Dragons, Unicorns   Kentucky’s state-backed $150 million creationist theme park, The Ark Encounter, will allow visitors to explore a literal interpretation of the Bible’s story of Noah and the ark.  But pseudonymous liberal Kentucky blogger … Continue reading

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Why William Dembski’s ‘design inference’ doesn’t work, explained by a mathematician

Why Dembski’s Design Inference Doesn’t Work.  Part 1 Why Dembski’s Design Inference Doesn’t Work.  Part 2

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Hitchens on the secularist response to Christmas

‘The secularist, or whatever he calls himself, enjoys the civilisation brought about by the birth and resurrection of Christ, but denies or mocks the truth of these events.  He doesn’t make the connection between the two, because he recognises, deep … Continue reading

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Hitchens on drug abuse and ‘the attractions of atheism for the amoral’

‘Self-stupefaction is self-evidently morally wrong, in almost all cases opens the stupefier to criminal or negligent acts which he would otherwise avoid, and ought to be repugnant to any morally literate person.  Its consequences are frequently disastrous to the self-stupefier himself … Continue reading

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Bel Mooney on the baby that Elton John bought when he went shopping in California

Accessory children and the question: Who is my mummy? Essentially, the woman who has entered into such an arrangement with John and ­Furnish for financial gain is not being regarded as a ­person, but as a reusable womb.  Is that … Continue reading

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‘A fair society’ is one ‘in which secularist values do not automatically trump Christian values’

‘Christians should not accept intolerance at home simply because it carries less risk than abroad.  When their institutions are forced to adopt secular standards in everything from rules of employment to selection of intake, the community should speak up for … Continue reading

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Pic of the day: Praying to Aslan?

More: Pic of the day — not the right book store?

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