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Polar bear attacks seagull — but the gull fights back and wins!

A bear with a sore head – and an empty belly: Polar bear that fancied snacking on a seagull ends up biting off more than he can chew More nature stories: Pelican eats pigeon! Crocodile eats buffalo!

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The fundamentalist quest for knowledge summed up

This exchange speaks for itself (note the fundie “God is amazing” conclusion obtained from the junk science claim, one no doubt repeated at third or fourth hand):

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Weird news: the atheist who keeps suing to get “equal protection for all religious views”

Atheist says: In lawsuits we trust – even if I never win “I am going to keep fighting, hopefully winning, and getting the government to do what it is supposed to do, which is (provide) equal protection for all religious views.” So … Continue reading

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Pope has lunch with hundreds of poor people at Vatican

Pope has lunch with hundreds of poor people at Vatican  Benedict XVI has hosted a lunch for more than 350 poor people at the Vatican in an event marking this year’s 100th anniversary of the birth of Blessed Mother Teresa … Continue reading

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Russian Orthodox leader Patriarch Kirill urges Catholics and Protestants to oppose evil powers

Patriarch Kirill in his Christmas greeting urges Catholics and Protestants to oppose evil powers “In Christ Jesus we all are new creation, we all are born for the new immortal life so that “turning away from evil and the desires … Continue reading

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Bishop Lesslie Newbigin speaks on ‘Christ: unique and universal’

“The one through whom all things were made, by whom and for whom all things exist.”  Lesslie Newbigin addresses the important subject of Christ’s uniqueness and Lordship over all. Listen to him here.

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2010: another year of shame and disgrace for American fundamentalism

American fundamentalism had a massive influence on U.S. politics during 2010, from Sharron Angle to Michele Bachmann to the self-styled modern day Mormon prophet Glenn Beck. Perhaps the most idiotic statements, which continue (to the amazement of the rest of the civilised world, … Continue reading

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