Michael Coren’s Christmas message to atheists (especially Canadian ones)

No fear of stoning here: Nations built on Christian ideals promote freedom, even for critics by Michael Coren

Nations built on Christian ideals promote freedom even for critics of Christian society, but nations built on other religions or on no religion at all suppress freedom and allow very little criticism.  Which should lead even hysterical atheists to support Christian-based cultures out of a support for freedom if not a regard for Christianity.

What we see, though, is the opposite.  Because it would be dangerous to mock Muhammad in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, or argue for God in North Korea, and it’s so much easier and safer to avoid the genuine issues and play armchair warrior.

Religion can cause horror, such as women being stoned for blasphemy in Pakistan or homosexuals hanged in Iran.  But there are no attempts to put ads on buses in Karachi or Tehran.

The state giving people some time off at Christmas or mentioning God in the national anthem doesn’t seem all that bad compared to being locked up for 30 years in Marxist Cuba for being a Christian, but perhaps I don’t appreciate just how awful it must be as an atheist in contemporary Canada.

That’s probably why they tend to look so unhappy and angry.  Merry Christmas you poor things, Merry Christmas.

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