Richard Dawkins, an embarrassment to science and to civilised discourse

Dawkins mendaciously asserts that ‘popes cover up the crime of child rape’

Richard Dawkins, emeritus professor of Oxford University, continues his latest anti-Catholic tirade by posting again the disgusting picture implying that Pope Benedict is a paedophile, and mendaciously asserting that ‘popes have covered up child rape’.  He then goes on to attack Scottish Catholics in general, and Peter Kearney in particular, as well as sneeringly referring to Catholic schools as ‘sectarian’.

Dawkins concludes his rant with the following misrepresentation of the facts:

‘Oh please! Get your priorities right.  There are more important things than football.  When cardinals and popes cover up the crime of child rape, those of us who object are not being ‘sectarian’ or ‘ anti-Catholic’ or pro-Glasgow Rangers.  We are being human.’

Of course, there is not one single piece of evidence that implicates Pope Benedict in covering up child rape, or any other form of child abuse for that matter.  For the man who speaks about reason and empirical evidence this is about as far away from both as one can get.  Assertions, even slanderous ones, do not constitute evidence.  No matter how many times Dawkins asserts something as fact, that does not make it so.

Richard Dawkins is either woefully uninformed or deliberately choosing to propagate a lie, or, more likely, both.  The evidence available shows that Pope Benedict was one of the earliest seeking to expose the crime of child abuse, not cover it up.  Yet again Dawkins shows he has no respect for facts or the truth.  As someone recently remarked, his irrational, evidence-free raving is not only an embarrassment to science, it’s an embarrassment to civilised discourse.

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